Jiaxin is proud to be a preferred choice by many clients.
We at Jiaxin are not satisfied to be in the industry average and aim to be the best in the quality and service.
We continuously do search and development to better improve our existing products and to offer new products and designs. 

The deligent management team at Jiaxin believes that professinalism is the key of Jiaxin's success.
Our aim is to offer a better pruchasing experience to clients inside and outside of China.
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Jiaxin has expertise in the design of window systems. The design team always keep abreast of industry trends, by learning from clients and competitors and staying humble to the market.

With the increasing energy saving demand and green building trend, Jiaxin has been paying most attention to thermally broken windows to improve their structural strength, energy performance and visional appearance.
The fabrication, and framing assembly, is fundamental to the quality of window products. It requires not only high cutting precision of aluminium but specialised components inside the frame corner.

JWS expericed machinists are able to fabricate aluminium windows and doors to be highest standard contributing to our high quality high specification products.
Insulated glass is becoming standard in recent years for most projects. There are multiple advantages, such as thermal insulation, noise reduction, physical protection etc. 

Jiaxin has a good relationship with several reputable glass manufacturers to ensure that the quality of glass will match the quality of fabrication.

Jiaxin is also able to simulate a complete window and glass unit to generate whole window energy rating data for specific projects. 
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Hardware brings your windows alive. Jiaxin researched over 20 reputable hardware brands and found the perfect ones for thermally broken series. The top class design, material and finish technique have made their hardware product solid, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

More and more people are using large glass panels for better views. The heavy duty hardware Jiaxin have selected keep these panels secure and functioning perfectly.
One of the most important steps for window product is installation. Jiaxin has been committed to have the window products easy to install and provide detailed installation guide so that all professional installers can the windows efficiently and correctly.
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