Sashless Sliding - SS200

sashless sliding, slim line, manual and electric
SS200 Sashless Sliding Series is a creative sliding system that has 29.2mm slim line stiles on each of 4 sides and most aluminium frames are invisible after installation.

JWS has also designed a flush bottom track solution to this series that has better access for children, elderly and disabled people.

SS200 offers 2 track application while SS300 offers 3 track stacking option. 4 track is optional if the wall section is wide enough.

To make all panels slide smoothly, this sliding system uses dual stainless steel rails. This unique sliding system offers regular manual option with handle operation, electric option withremote and app control that top motor is also concealed within top track that is invisible after installation.
●  slim line design to acquire eye-catching sensation to the property
●  recessed frame design to make sashless slider
●  single panel up to 2.5 meters wide
●  dual stainless steel rails to offer smooth sliding
●  3 bottom track options - concealed track, half flush track, flush track
●  2 screen solutions - retractable screen, electric screen
●  SS200/SS300/SS400 to provide 2/3/4-track solutions
  Sliding Door
●  Sliding Stacking Door
Maximum Sash Area
Maximum Sash Weight
Acoustic Insulation
200 mm / 300 mm / 400 mm
7.5 m2(double glazing)
250 kg
3.34-1.41 (sunk track) / 3.57-1.53  (flush track)
0.62-0.24 (sunk track) / 0.60-0.25  (flush track)
33dB - 43dB
Details & Hardware
SS200 (3)
SS200 (1)
SS200 (2)
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