R60 Residential Series

residential system, joinable mullion, subsill/fin frame for easy installation
R60 Residential Series is an economic window series deisgned for residential projects.  It has the design of flush external frame and male-female joinable mullion which brings installation convenience for multi-panel units. R60 also has specially designed sub-frame and fin frame to add good drainge and fitting convenience.

R60 series can be fitted with an integrated screen with fiberglass or metal mesh to the openable panels including wind-out and push-out style awning and casement window, so that there is no need to retrofit a new screen.
●  awning window
●  casement window
●  casement door / pivot door
●  sashless window
●  fixed window
●  glass window
Awning Window
●  Australia/American winder-out style
●  standard double glazing
●  visually appealing flush external frame
●  opening restriction on request
●  integrated fly screen or stainless steel screen
●  subframe/Fin frame for installation
Casement Window
●  American winder-out style
●  European push-out style
●  standard double glazing
●  visually appealing flush external frame
●  opening restriction on request
●  subframe/Fin frame for installation
Maximum Sash Area
Maximum Sash Weight
Acoustic Insulation
60x36mm (mullion: 38mm )
1.5 m2
60 kg
3.16-1.67 (fixed)
0.73-0.27 (fixed)
33dB - 42dB
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