C150 Commercial Series

commercial system, large glazing applicaiton, joinable mullion, subsill for easy installation
C150 Commercial Series is a reinforced commercial glazing system designed for commercial large glazing units.

C150 series keeps the design features of C100 series, including the flush external frame and male-female joinable mullion. Its structure strength is much higher to endure higher wind spend for large glazing units and high rise ones.  Its 152x60mm male-female joint is to design to bring convenience to join multiple panels and easy installation.

The special design of C150 series offers thermal-break option for projects of higher thermal insulation demand.

C150 series also has complete subframe system to provide ease of drainge and fitting.
●  glass wall
●  push-out awning window
●  push-out casement window
●  casement door / pivot door
●  glass louvre
Fixed Glass Wall
●  Large glazing application
●  joinable mullion - male-female joint
●  up to 6 m2 each panel
●  standard double glazing
●  subframe for installation
Awning Window / Casement Window
●  European push-out style
●  multi-point lock system for extra tightness
●  standard double glazing
●  visually appealing flush external frame
●  opening restriction on request
●  retractable screen available
●  subframe for installation
Casement Door / Pivot Door
●  avaialble in casement door / pivot door 
●  standard double glazing
●  visually appealing flush external frame
●  standard sill, decliding low sill, no sill
●  screen - integrated casement screen door or retractable screen door
●  subframe for installation
Maximum Sash Area
Maximum Sash Weight
Acoustic Insulation
152 x 50 mm
6.0 m2 / 2.0 m2 (fixed / opening window)
80 kg  / 120kg / 300 kg (opening window / casement door /pivot door)
3.60-1.54 (fixed, double glazing)
0.72-0.288 (fixed, double glazing)
33dB - 43d(fixed, double glazing)
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